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Friday 13 + absinthe + chance of thunderstorms + pyramidal loft = the vast dream + Serving of pudding JSL and JLP welcome you to The Vast Dream in the attic space of Kalfarlien 18, Bergen. The villa which was designed by Einar Oscar Schou, also known to have drawn Bergen’s epic National Theatre, was in his work concerned with the overlaps between space, geometry and spirituality: the attic space is both a loft in the general sense, simultaneously as being  the crown of a building with a meaningful form. The title The Vast Dream is taken from the English translation of Gaston Bachelard’s “La Poétique the l ‘Espace”, which deals with the experience of architecture, emphasizing memories and experiences of rooms such as attics and cellars.

Neon sculpture and cardboard sculpture. Collaboration with Jens Stegger Ledaal, 2013

JonnPhotography_150913_Kalfarlien 18_009 JonnPhotography_150913_Kalfarlien 18_010