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Public art project for Hardbakka Ruins 2014 Walk and reading for Isdalskvinnen with mirror, filtered water and Marlboro Beyond Gold with ICEBALL FILTER.

Psychic transference of written text every day of exhibition at 16.00.

Remembrancer3Up through the bit where they have taken Pass flowering Digitalis Purpurea, foxglove, common foxglove, purple foxglove or lady’s glove Follow the trodden track through the forest Steepness then flatter Pass a large stone on your left side Approach the forested portal Go through the forested portal No mobile network

“Detectives are famously perceptive, attentive to the finest details, the smallest movements and the slightest clues. Observing everything except the rules. Carlo Ginzberg’s paradigma indiziario, gives priority to circumstantial evidence and incidental clues, casting the historian as a detective who scours his material for clues, looking for evidence even in the most unlikely places and neglected  areas, sorting through the junk of history, picking up the skills of the hunter who ´learned to reconstruct the appearance and movements of an unseen quarry through its tracks– prints in soft ground, snapped twigs, droppings, snagged hairs or feathers, smells, puddles, threads of saliva´ (…) ‘It’s a matter of kinds of knowledge which tend to be unspoken, whose rules do not easily lend themselves to being formally articulated or even spoken aloud. Nobody learns how to be a connoisseur or a diagnostician simply by applying the rules. With this kind of  knowledge there are factors in play which can not be measured – a whiff, a glance, an intuition, not the inside knowledge of an élite, but a kind of ‘low intuition’, a universal openness to movement, difference, sensation: the heritage of the Bengalis… of hunters, of mariners, of women (…)” 

Sadie Plant, Writing on Drugs, p. 88-89.