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Persuading the Eye



“Experiment as a form seeking to challenge the work of unknown output or results. SUS is not an abbreviation, but the description of sound: a metaphor for the artworks in a landscape that interfere (…)
A work of art it is possible to give a full verbal expression of might as well be a text. A key intention behind Eksperiment SUS
is to facilitate a working process that allows for the wordless or vague in the work of art (…)

Confidence in our own work, and to the expertise of the invited artists is essential. The mountain landscape in which we work is the main frame for the experiment. We all have personal issues, methods and techniques. Landscape guidelines and group dynamics are what ultimately create the project. The group dynamic is unpredictable, and will occur in the social and professional dealings. Therefore, the people involved are just as important as the context. In this way, we focus on art’s intrinsic value that extends beyond a commercial mindset “

Persuading the Eye, drawing on wooden boards, size 240 x 260 cm

(photos taken with one years gap)

RHEUM, compendium

persuading copy