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I am an English-Norwegian artist and curator living and working in Bergen, Norway, with my education from The Glasgow School of Art and Bergen National Academy of the Arts.

My artistic practice is rooted in sculptural and spatial modes of experience; together with text, situation and context. An underlying interest in the psychological, the corporeal and the existential is central in my work and thinking.

Collaborative and self-organised projects are important to me both as artist and curator. Since 2017 I have been artistic director of Lydgalleriet, a sound art gallery in Bergen, Norway. 

Through the years I’ve been (and still am) fortunate to gain

knowledge and experience from my artist colleagues and our contextual practices, and my belief is that artistic expression is multidisciplinary in its nature. Together with working closely to artists in my job at Lydgalleriet, I have a personal practice at Deltic Studios. 

Excerpt from Textr by Ytter, 2009

Contact: julielillelienporter {at}, julie {at}

Downloadable CV here: CV_JLP_2019